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This past September 8 evangelical women got to see firsthand what is happening regarding immigration at our southern border.  Their small delegation made its way to McAllen, Texas to listen and learn.  The group's challenge and shared prayer was that God would give them "eyes to see" what was happening, to move beyond their assumptions, their fears and even their personal experiences and deeply engage all those they encountered.  While they were at the border they talked with local business people, civic leaders and government agencies to learn firsthand what was happening. They asked immigrants and those who were supporting them a little about their stories.  In observing and listening, they learned a lot.  Out of that shared experience they put together a short documentary entitled, "Eyes to See."
With so much conversation in the news about border security and the humanitarian crisis at the border, we wanted to share their experiences with you through the "Eyes to See" documentary and are releasing it for you to watch, listen and learn alongside them tonight.  Our prayer is that as women, God will give us eyes to see what He sees so we can respond with His love, mercy and justice. (Micah 6:8)
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