Resources Directory- Welcome. 2.0

Welcome to our resources page. We've compiled a variety of study guides, activities and audio-visual resources that help take a Christian look at immigration. 

Our prayer is that as women, God will give us eyes to see what He sees so we can respond with His love, mercy and justice. (Micah 6:8)
  • "The Ruth and Naomi Project Study Guide"
    • Based on resources created by World Relief and edited by Katelyn Beaty, former managing editor of Christianity Today, we pray this guide will help you, your small group or your church think through these issues biblically and critically.

  • Eyes To See
    • This past September 8 evangelical women got to see firsthand what is happening regarding immigration at our southern border. Their small delegation made its way to McAllen, Texas to listen and learn. In observing and listening, they learned a lot. Out of that shared experience they put together a short documentary entitled, "Eyes to See."
  • Welcome. Book Club
    • You will find some helpful resources in our reading guide, including a suggested book list for the month of March! We’d also like to introduce you to "Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a Fearful World" by Sarah Quezada. It's an eye-opening book that reads like a story as Sarah, a committed Christian who was blissfully unaware of the real situations facing today's immigrants, meets someone new. . . who happened to be undocumented.